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Build A Bundle 180-Capsules

Build A Bundle 180-Capsules

Organic Lactation Blend

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Bundle your faves and save! Use the form above to choose 3 different products for your bundle. 180 capsules of each product is included. 

Suggested Use: Try one product at a time for at least 7 days for best results.

The products:
Cash Cow, Milkapalooza, Pump Princess, Lechita, Liquid Gold

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Liquid Gold

Thankful to Legendairy Milk for helping me keep up my supply + enrich my milk 💕

Works like magic!

Love Legendairy Milk. Pump Princess and Cash Cow is the best. Helps to boost my milk instantly!

Minde Kaur
Bundle review

It's a giod way to start on legendairy prods and decide which works best. For me cash cow and liquid gold was gold!

Cecilia Cheah

Yey! We're on our 4 months of breastfeeding! I just want to share you guys a short story..

Growing up seeing my mom, aunts, cousin and sister breastfeeding their children leads me to an idea that breastfeeding is an easy job. But when I'm already on the same shoe, it's not easy as I thought. I remember during weeks of postpartum I cried because of having low milk supply in result, my baby become fussy due to unsatisfied every feedings until we decided to top up a formula however, I still fight to give my breastmilk. Until day by day I slowly removed the formula milk to her, and yey! My baby became exclusively breastfeeding but I thought it will become smooth journey, but still can't stop myself thinking, if I'm giving her enough milk. One day, while watching on IG stories I saw one of the Philippine artists share her lactating supplement which is legendiary milk products also, but I don't mind because I thought it's only available in the Philippines which is my country as well, but I'm now living in Malaysia. Then, I start searching what's the best lactating supplement, then viola! I saw Legendairy Milk website then when I saw all of their products I had a teary-eyed and I thank God for my answered prayer even without trying it yet but I have a strong feeling that would be the answer. Maybe because of all the positive outcome to all mommies who tried it. As I received it I tried it right away, surprisingly after 3days of taking Cash Cow my milk supply gets higher and my boobies get full every hour. 😯 After 7 days as Legendiary Milk advises, I took Lechita and as early as week I saw the result.. My babylove became less colicky and it works on my milk flow as well, that's more than enough for me and makes my mama heart very happy plus seeing my babylove satisfied every feedings making me more dedicated to continue giving her my liquid gold 🥰Now, my last supply was about to finished and ready for my next products to try. 😁

PS. For all the mommies out there, don't lose hope☺️ We are mommies and we know what's best for our precious children. Virtual hugs to all the mommies! 🤗 and I wanted to say thank you for Legendairy Milk for my holy grail to continue the one of the best job in the world- BREASTFEEDING 🤱❣️

Melody Ng
Value for money

Building a bundle is so worth it you will nv stop at 1 bottle