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Legendairy Milk Build a bundle

Build A Bundle 60-Capsules

Organic Lactation Blend

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Build a Bundle of any 60 capsules Legendairy products and save! Similar to the bestseller bundle, but this allow you to choose from any of our 5 boosters!

Choose any 3 of our Milk Boosters, you can also pick 3 of the same. 

You will get 3 x 60 capsules of our Legendairy Milk Supplements. 
Each bottle last for 10 days. 

The products:
Cash CowMilkapaloozaPump PrincessLechitaLiquid Gold

Suggested Use: Please try one product at a time for at least 7 days for best results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Good bundle to try out

Good bundle to try out different products to see which works better for you. Trialing my second bottle (pump princess) now and seeing a little difference. Not like those seen on other reviews where the milk supply increased two folds and more. Liquid gold made me gassy. Glad to have an alternative to fenugreek as fenugreek did not work for me.

Hello mummy
It helped

Nothing else seems to work but cash cash helped a little

Diana Phua


Antonia Rodriguez

Lactabiotic has helped me to reliefs the discomfort that I have on my breasts. Especially when I have pins and needles on and off before letdown for many days. I’m so glad that it took effect after I popped the tablet on the first day. I’m really glad. This has definitely helped me with breastfeeding. :)

Great product!

The sunflower lecithin has helped me in my breastfeeding journey. I’m happy with it and am looking forward to purchasing more of this product.