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Legendairy Milk Build a bundle

Build A Bundle 60-Capsules

Organic Lactation Blend

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Build a Bundle of any 60 capsules Legendairy products and save! Similar to the bestseller bundle, but this allow you to choose from any of our 5 boosters!

Choose any 3 of our Milk Boosters, you can also pick 3 of the same. 

You will get 3 x 60 capsules of our Legendairy Milk Supplements. 
Each bottle last for 10 days. 

The products:
Cash CowMilkapaloozaPump PrincessLechitaLiquid Gold

Suggested Use: Please try one product at a time for at least 7 days for best results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Liquid Gold + Milkapalooza

Both increased my supply and Milkapalooza thicken my milk :) Cash cow doesn’t work for me… Will continue taking the supplements for as long as possible

Build a bundle 60-capsules

Appreciate the ability to try out different products at a discounted price. Have seen improvement in supply

Breastfeeding Saviour

Bought the Lechita, Cash Cow and milkapalooza supplements.
Lechita helped my baby to release gas calmly and poop frequently. Helps with occasional milk letdowns too. :)
Cash cow helped to increase my milk supply and made my milk thicker!
Yet to try milkapalooza.. but will definitely continue to buy cash cow and lechita! Happy with the products purchased.

Various supplements

Have been trying each of your supplements to boost my milk supply. Did see some
increase in supply when I took pump princess , lecitha and lecithin. Will continue to take to maintain my supply.

Milk production

It helps me greatly in my milk production as it thicken and increases my milk output. 😍