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Build A Duo

Build A Duo

Organic Lactation Blend

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Bundle your favourite and save! You may choose any 2 different products for your bundle. 60 or 180 capsules of each product are included. 

Suggested Use: Please try one product at a time for at least 7 days for best results. 2 Capsules 3 times Daily.

The products:
 Liquid GoldMilkapalooza, Pump PrincessCash Cow, Lechita, 

Customer Reviews

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Liquid Gold

I love this product! Have been purchasing this since my twins were born.

Jess Lim
Cash cow

Saw a slow increase but not significantly. Perhaps have to take longer term?

Effective as always!

I’ve been purchasing legendairy’s pills since my breastfeeding journey started in 2019 with my firstborn and now that I’ve a newborn, I decided to purchase the pills again to increase my supply so that I can build a healthy stash of ebm when I head back to work after my maternity leave. Legendairy’s pills never fail to increase my supply!:)

Great Combo

It's great to build a duo combo once you have discovered what works for you. I personally find CashCow effective for me so far, and hope this will continue to boost my milk flow for my little one. Will definitely continue to take this as I go along this BM journey

Nursurya Ibrahim
Build my Own Duo

Honestly at first i do not know which to order. All types seems workable hence i tried Lechita and Pump Princess. My milk quality i belief its thicker as baby sometimes purged some milk while burping. And she gets full and sleep longer. I have yet tried to pump milk out but yes i will try soon. Im going to restock other types and will see the supply. Thank you LM!