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Legendairy Milk Lactation support Bestseller Bundle

Bestseller Lactation Support Bundle

Organic Lactation Blend

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Gone through the list and still don't know which to try? The Bestseller Lactation Support Bundle is the best trial pack for anyone new to Legendairy products and is looking to increase your milk supply. Each bottle last for 10 days, this is a 30 day trial pack. Results usually show within 2-7 days. 
We recommend trying each product for at least 7 days. Should you wish to combine products, do it after the trial.

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You'll receive a 60 capsule bottle each of Pump Princess, Liquid Gold and Milkapalooza.

For Individual product info, please click on Shop> Click Breastfeeding Supplements and select individual items for list of ingredients. 

Suggested Use: Try one product at a time for at least 7 days. The suggested dosage is 2 capsules 3 times daily. Please take at least 6 capsules a day for it to be effective.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This product is HALAL Certified.

Customer Reviews

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Bought the bundle as my production had more than halved during a particularly stressful period. To be honest I was trying multiple lactation products during that period to try get my production back up so I’m not sure if these were the magic bullet but I’ve been conscientiously taking these supplements and my production is now almost back to normal and my milk also looks to be of a richer consistency. I am intending on buying this bundle again for further improvement and maintenance

Really works! Wonderful product!

Liquid gold truly helps increase my supply. Consumed it with my firstborn. Now with my second born, it still does wonderfully.

Hilda Zin
Imani i2+

Been loving my new pumps so far! Would definitely recommend those who are keen in handsfree pumps!

The answer

As the title suggests, The capsules is really the answer and helped me improve my milk supply! I am so grateful for it!!

Nicolette Pung
Good Bundle

I got this Lactation Bundle to try the different lactation products and for me, Pump Princess worked the best. There’s definitely been an increase in my supply after taking it. I highly recommend getting this bundle if you’re unsure which one to buy. Will definitely buy more when I run out.