Understanding different Herbs or Galactagogue that increases breast Milk Supply

Understanding different Herbs or Galactagogue that increases breast Milk Supply


What is Galactagogue?


Galactagogues are foods that are thought to increase or boost milk production and improve letdown. Some of these include certain foods and herbs. These have been used extensively for generations in various cultures found all over the world. Varying according to cultures, there has been anecdotal evidence that supports the usage of some herbs that aids in increasing milk production. These foods tend to be dense in nutrients and can help to replenish the mother’s nutrients regardless of whether it increases the breast milk. Galactagogues have been used during the immediate postpartum period to promote the secretion of milk.

Fenugreek is a well known galactagogue used commonly all around the world. However, fenugreek comes with many adverse effects that affect both mother and child. The most common effect is maple-like odour that is very apparent in breastfeeding mothers that had taken fenugreek as a galactagogue. Fenugreek has been used extensively around the world, even in lactation clinics, however, there is some anecdotal evidence that it may decrease milk supply in some breastfeeding mothers. There are many herbs that are natural that can be used with minimal adverse effects. Various research suggested that the use of fenugreek needs to be considered in terms of its risk:benefits. To read more about the adverse effects of Fenugreek, check out https://legendairymilk.sg/pages/fenugreek-free .

Some known galactagogues that are used such as anise, fennel, moringa, torbangun and blessed thistle, are now more commonly used as mothers are now more aware of the benefits of these herbs in comparison to fenugreek. Most galactagogues work by increasing the level of prolactin in the body. Prolactin essentially “tells” your milk glands to produce more milk for your baby, hence increasing the milk supply. Prolactin levels vary throughout the day as well and peaks at night between 12am - 4 am, therefore its key to remove milk at these timings instead of choosing between resting versus pumping. When you’ve got a low supply of milk, Get help to find out why.

There may be certain techniques or physical reasons as to why your milk supply is low, eg, wrong flange size etc. Take steps to improve how you are breastfeeding or removing milk. Taking a galactagogue may help to speed up the process and aid in the milk production. Our product such as Liquid Gold contains all the different galactagogues such as Torbangun leaves, Goat’s Rue, Anise, Caraway, Fennel, moringa, Nettle, Alfalfa, Shatavari, Milk Thistle, Dill and Black Cumin. Each has its own generational anecdotal evidence to increase the milk supply, nutrition .

Check out https://legendairymilk.sg/pages/our-ingredients to find out more about the nutritional benefits of these herbs and the precautions to consume them. This will give mothers a more holistic overview of the benefits of consuming these products. Check with your doctor if you have pre-existing health issues before consuming new supplements into your diet. Ideally, using lactogenic foods along with good breastfeeding habits, is the preferred way to maintain and increase your milk supply naturally.

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