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November's Legendairy Littles


Legendairy Littles Program:

-Each month we donate a portion of our profit to help an infant with medical needs. Read about the story of Baby Genevieve below:
Genevieve is a cute 20-month old who has Global Developmental Delay complicated by congenital heart defect, visual and hearing impairment. Genevieve gains weight slower and smaller compared to her peers. Genevieve fails her hearing test on both ears and is unable to hear certain low frequency sounds. Currently, Genevieve is on medications for her cardiac condition and regularly following up with the cardiologist.
Genevieve underwent cornea transplant earlier this year. However, after the transplant, she could not regain her vision in her right eye and only has 10% of vision left in her left eye. She sees colours under bright lights. Currently, Genevieve is on 7 different medications for her eyes, 1 medication for her heart, 1 medication for her stomach reflux issue and 1 for her hormone.
Genevieve works really hard during her physiotherapy session. Recently, she just learnt to lift up her head while lying on the tummy. She can hold her head better while sitting on her mommy's lap, in a sense that she can hold it for longer and stronger. She has yet to crawl and sit by herself, and trying very hard to achieve all those age appropriate skills.
Our donation will help relief some burden to Genevieve’s family. We Thank you all Legendairy mamas for your support and purchases!