Everything you need to know about breasteeding

Everything you need to know about breasteeding

Breastfeeding is a beautiful way to nourish your baby and create a special bond. However, it can also be challenging, especially for first-time mamas. Here are some things you can do during pregnancy to prepare yourself and make the process easier:

Prepare your mind and body

Read up about breastfeeding, talk to other breastfeeding mamas and learn about the numerous advantages it offers for both you and your baby.

Research on food that supports breastfeeding. Prioritise protein, vegetables and dairy as they are packed with essential nutrients for breastfeeding mama.

Connect with a Lactation Consultant before your baby comes along can help you ease the fears and concerns you might have about breastfeeding. The lactation consultant will assess your breast anatomy, discuss dietary changes or supplements and tailor a breastfeeding plan to your preference. 

Breastfeed like a pro

Breastfeeding is a skill that you and your baby learn together. Experiment with different positions to find out what works the best for both of you. Here are some pointers to note:

Find comfort – Use pillows or cushions to support yourself and achieve a relaxed position. 

Close embrace – Holding baby close, ensuring his head and body are aligned in a straight line will allow them to swallow easier.

Let your baby lead – Support baby's neck and bring them towards your breast, allowing them to latch on naturally. Avoid forcing your breast towards their mouth as this can lead to poor latch. 

Breastfeeding benefits for both mama and baby

Breastmilk is a nutritional powerhouse that goes far beyond simply feeding your baby. It strengthens their immune system by passing down your antibodies, promoting healthy gut development and cognitive function. Compared to formula, breast milk is easier for babies to digest, reducing the risk of stomach issues. 

The benefits extend beyond your little one, breastfeeding offers numerous advantages for mamas as well. It can aid in weight management by burning calories and shrinking the uterus. This can help you achieve your pre-pregnancy weight more quickly. Additionally, breastfeeding may reduce your risk of developing various health conditions, including breast cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart-related disease.

Still not confident about breastfeeding? Don’t hesitate to contact our lactation consultant. She will be happy to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout your breastfeeding journey.

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