Ensuring Successful Latching: A Guide for New Mothers

Ensuring Successful Latching: A Guide for New Mothers

Breastfeeding does so much more than nourish your baby, breastfeeding is one of the best ways for you and your baby to create a special bond with each other that lasts a lifetime. However, sometimes this joy can be overshadowed by the challenges that come with breastfeeding - it is not an easy feat. A common problem that many mothers face is not being able to latch their babies onto their breasts properly. Proper latching is crucial in ensuring effective breastfeeding and also prevents any discomfort to the breast when breastfeeding. Here are 5 most important tips to have on hand to prepare yourself to ensure correct latching:


1. Educate Yourself Beforehand

Breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally, and it’s important for yourself to be educated before your baby arrives so that you can have a head start to successful breastfeeding! While there are so many sources on the internet for you to do your research, it is also important for you to attend a prenatal or breastfeeding class with a professional who can show you and correct your techniques in real time, ensuring that you are fully prepared beforehand! As a brand who aims to support mothers in their breastfeeding journey, we have prepared a FREE breastfeeding guide for mothers to download - pulled right from our Lactation classes for you to prepare yourself! We also highly encourage you to prepare a breastfeeding plan which acts as instructions for the nursing team at the hospital with regards to your breastfeeding preference. You may download our breastfeeding plan here for FREE!

2. Positioning is Crucial 

Positioning plays an important role in ensuring that your baby has a proper latch. There are 2 things to keep in mind when positioning your baby to feed - the position in which you're holding them and the position of their lips against your breast. Some common breastfeeding positions are: 


  • Cradle & Cross Cradle: Rest your baby’s head on the inside of your elbow while holding them in your arms
  • Football Hold: Hold your baby like a football under your arm like a football and let their body lay by your side
  • Side-Lying Position: Lay on your side and let your baby lay on the bed/pillow while nursing. This position is ideal for night time feeds
  • Sling Position: Place your baby in a sling and let your baby’s head rest on the inside of your elbow like in the cradle position. The sling takes some weight off your arms to be able to hold the position for longer
  • Laid-Back: Lie on your back and let your baby rest on your body while nursing


3. Achieve a Deep Latch

Ensuring that your baby gets a good latch is important to ensure that your baby is able to fully extract all the breast milk out of your breast and to prevent any discomfort while breastfeeding. You may watch a video on what to watch out for when positioning your baby’s mouth here or implement these 3 steps:

  1. Tickle Your Baby’s Lips: Gently touch your baby’s lips with your nipple to encourage a wide mouth opening.
  2. Bring Your Baby to the Breast: Bring your baby to your breast, aiming for their nose to be opposite your nipple.
  3. Ensure a Deep Latch: Your baby’s mouth should cover both the nipple and a significant portion of the areola.

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4. Seek Support and Guidance

If you have followed all these tips and tricks and are still facing issues with latching, don’t worry! Breastfeeding is a process of trial and error in finding out what works best for you and your baby. In the meantime, we would highly encourage you to seek help from professionals like Lactation Consultants and breastfeeding support groups. You can find a lot of valuable information and assistance from these sources! You can have a free chat with our Lactation Consultant who will address your breastfeeding concerns.


5. Take Care of Your Breasts

Caring for your breasts is also important to ensure that breastfeeding is comfortable for you. While ensuring proper latching is crucial in preventing pain and discomfort, it also ensures that your baby can fully empty your breasts which can aid in preventing engorgement, clogged milk ducts and mastitis. However, these issues are still quite common but can be treated with our Organic Sunflower Lecithin which helps to emulsify the fats in the milk to promote better flow. Another common issue is soreness of the nipples if your baby isn’t latching correctly. To provide relief, you may try using lanolin nipple cream or a hot/cold compress. 


Correct latching is the foundation of a successful breastfeeding journey and by preparing yourself, you are off to a great start! Learning how to get comfortable, position your baby correctly and seeking support when you need are all important to prepare you for latching your baby correctly and in turn fostering a strong breastfeeding relationship with your baby! Remember that every breastfeeding journey looks different and so take the time to enjoy the process, find out what works for you and your baby and don’t stress so much! Happy latching!


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