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Bestseller Lactation Support Bundle

Bestseller Lactation Support Bundle

Organic Lactation Blend

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Not sure which products to try? You now have the option to sample a bundle pack of the three bestsellers! You'll receive a 60 capsule bottle each of Pump Princess, Liquid Gold and Milkapalooza.

Suggested Use: Try one product at a time for at least 7 days. The suggested dose is 2 capsules 3 times daily.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This product is HALAL Certified

Customer Reviews

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Bestseller Lactation Support Bundle


I was on bundle trial,sunflower lechitin & cashcow. Tried each of it for a week. Liquid gold & cashcow didn't really work on me. I move on to pump princess & milkapazooka. I could pump out and have a stash after latching on. Despite my #4 baby, this is the first time I could breastfeed for at least 2mths now. Thankyou for always encouraging and giving me advice. Sunflower lechitin helps me when i have engorgement! Really work wonders.

Maintaining supply

I left my baby back in home town to serve duty in Singapore. I feel really bad to pump and discard breast milk. So I signed up to donate milk with KK Human Milk Bank. The requirement is to achieve minium 6L of milk at each point of donation. Without baby naturally latching, i doubt that I can achieve such amount. So I tried the LegendairyMilk Lactation Support Bundle. I first started with Liquid Gold. I felt that milk supply was more than what I pumped out before. The most that I can get was 100mls for 1hr pumping section. With LG I can achieve 100mls within 20mins. Next, I tried the Pump Princess. PP increased my supply and ENRICHED MY MILK. I have not seen my milk thick and looking yellowish almost like colostrum. At Morning session pump I managed to pump out 180mls-200mls in 30mins. Currently consuming Milkapalooza. Milk remain thick. Recently dropped off my second batch of EBM donation. I enjoyed my EBM journey with Legendairy's company.


Bought this trio to boost my milk supply and I must say Liquid Gold is my BFF. PP and milkapalooza doesn’t really work for me. After consuming for 3 days I can really feel my boobs engorged. Pumping twice a day and I see a significant improvement on my milk supply.
Will be restocking this gem soon! 💎

Exclusive pumping

Exclusive pumping life chose me. My baby girl is in NICU for a more than a month and she had to be tube fed so I had to pump exclusively. It was tough, because my supply was really low. The nurses told me to keep trying and never give up because EBM is good for her growth. (She has brain injury during labour/birth)

So i came across Legendairy. I tried MP first but it wasn’t increasing my output but I notice that my milk was thick!

I tried PP but did not notice any changes.

But when I try LG, my output was alot!!! And i realize the more i hydrate myself, the more milk im making too! I was always engorged. I had to take the Lecithin on days i know i cant pump in time because we have trainings to attend on how to care for our babygirl. The lecithin really worked too, because i dont feel any lumps or pain in the boobs when i didnt pump in time.

I was only pumping 500-600ml a day (my baby needs 75ml a feed every 3 hrs so that is 600ml a day. I didn’t have stash at all in NICU and whatever I gave was “just enough” which is worrying because what if my supply dipped when im stressed?

Now after LG, im pumping more than 700ml a day 😍

I just purchased another bottle of LG and will be trying Lechita too!